Dreumex shall present two new product innovations to the general public: an industrial hand cleanser for sensitive skin and a sunscreen foam.

DIt is no coincidence that Dreumex has added a sunscreen foam and hand cleanser for sensitive skin to its product range. Dreumex boasts several years’ experience and is renowned for innovation and quality. Dreumex Sun Protection Foam SPF50+ and Dreumex Sensitive hand cleanser complement the product range perfectly. 

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Industrial hand cleanser for sensitive skin

In the automobile, agricultural, metal and construction industries employees run a far higher risk of developing (hand) eczema. Dreumex has developed a hand cleanser for sensitive skin for employees working in these sectors. Dreumex Sensitive is a gel hand cleanser, with allergen free ingredients, especially devised for sensitive skin. This hand cleanser is fragrance, pigment, solvent and preservative free. Its allergen free properties have earned Dreumex Sensitive the ECARF label. 

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Working in the sun responsibly 

Through excessive exposure to UV radiation from the sun, outdoor workers such as farmers, builders and painters are 4-5 times as likely to develop skin cancer than those who work indoors. Outdoor workers within the hospitality and tourism sectors also run an increased risk. It is precisely for workers such as these that Dreumex has developed Sun Protection Foam SPF50+. 

Dreumex Sun Protection Foam SPF50+ offers clinically-proven protection against the harmful effects of the sun. The highest possible 5 star UVA filters and vitamin E protection help prevent premature ageing of the skin. UVB filters protect the skin against sunburn.  

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Dreumex director Jan-Chris Heeger: “As a developer of hand cleansing and hand care products it is our mission to protect, clean and care for our end users’ skin. Our skin protects us against all kinds of external influences. Recent research shows that in arenas of heavy duty soiling employees run a far higher risk of developing (hand) eczema. The development of a hand cleanser for such employees with sensitive skin is a logical step in our eyes.

Moreover, we have added a sunscreen foam to our product range which offers the best possible protection against the harmful effects of the sun. Skin cancer has been the fastest growing type of cancer in the last decade. The prevention of occupational illnesses such as skin cancer caused by the sun has therefore been our highest priority. Among others, preventative measures to protect employees lie in the application of sunscreen products. With the launch of Dreumex Sensitive and Dreumex Sun Protection Foam SPF50+, we are enhancing our position as a market specialist and in doing so are offering our clients a more enhanced total package when it comes to protecting, cleaning and caring for skin.” 

The presentation of Dreumex Sensitive, Dreumex Sun Protection Foam SPF50+ and the total concepts relating to hand cleansing and hand care by Dreumex will be held during ISSA Interclean between 10-13 May at the RAI in Amsterdam (stand 11.123).


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