Dreumex is proud to be the sponsor of the ambitious Van Loon Racing rally-team that will take part in the prestigious Dakar Rally in South-America in January 2017. 


This team is made up of 8 team members, 1 rally car and 1 service vehicle. Driver Erik van Loon and co-pilot Wouter Rosegaar will be driving the Toyota Hilux Overdrive rally car.  The team also includes mechanics Dirk-Jan Gevers, Dirk Garvelink and Arie-Paul de Vogel; PR man Robin Verheggen, physiotherapist Stein Kemps and service truck driver Jan Kraayvanger. After winning the RTL GP Dakar Pre-Prologue the Van Loon Racing Team is convinced that they will finish among the best racers in the Dakar 2017. The Dakar Rally 2017 will take place from the 2nd to the 14th of January.


Dreumex has been sponsoring the ambitious Team XDakar since 2012, which since 2015, has continued under the name Van Loon Racing Team. The sponsorship of the Van Loon Racing Team is part of the large, international “I love dirty hands” campaign for Dreumex’s target group: working men or women who like to get their hands dirty. 

Visit the website  www.ilovedirtyhands.com for more information on the sponsorship and the Van Loon Racing Team. 



Dreumex official sponsor of the Van Loon Racing Team 2017


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