The international campaign “I love dirty hands” run by Dreumex connects with Dreumex’s target group: the hard-working man or woman with dirty hands. Dreumex, manufacturer of hand care products, offers a complete program of products to care for the hands of workers in the automotive trade and other industries as well as all other places where hands get dirty during work.

Dreumex has sponsored the ambitious Dakar team since 2012. Initially under the name Team XDakar and since 2015 under the name Van Loon Racing Team. This sponsorship is part of the international campaign “I love dirty hands”. With this campaign Dreumex is looking to connect with their end-users: the hard-working men or women who like to get their hands dirty. The mechanics in the Van Loon Racing Team are the face for this campaign, after all who has dirtier hands than the mechanics of a Dakar team? 

8 team members, 1 rally car and 1 service vehicle make up the Dutch Dakar Team: Van Loon Racing Team. Driver Erik van Loon and co-pilot Wouter Rosegaar are driving the Toyota Hilux Overdrive rally car. The team also consists of the mechanics Dirk-Jan Gevers, Dirk Garvelink and Arie-Paul de Vogel; PR man Robin Verheggen, physiotherapist Stein Kemps and the service truck driver Jan Kraayvanger. After winning the RTL GP Dakar Pre-Prologue Van Loon Racing Team is confident they will finish among the best racers at the Dakar 2017. 

In cooperation with a dermatologist of a healthcare institute gives Dreumex answer at questions regarding skin problems and hand care.

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