Hand cleaner - Clean and powerful

Oil, grease, fat and more – it’s easy to get your hands dirty when you work. And with a hand cleaner by Dreumex it’s easy to get them clean again, too. Our variety of hand cleaning products is guaranteed to do the job quickly and efficiently.

The reliable industrial hand cleaner solutions provided by Dreumex include hand cleansing gels, pastes and soaps, including foaming products. Are you looking for convenience in hand cleaning? We offer heavy-duty cleansing wipes as an ideal alternative.

A hand cleaner by Dreumex not only cleans the skin and helps prevent irritation, our industrial hand cleansing products help to keep your hands healthy, too. They moisturize and recondition your skin, giving it a smooth and supple feeling. When extra conditioning is needed, check our our hand conditioning product section.

For the easy and efficient application of our hand cleaners, soaps and creams, you can buy unique, money-saving dispensing systems from Dreumex.



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