Dreumex has been active as a manufacturer of heavy-duty hand cleansing and hand care products for more than 55 years. Over the years, the company has grown to be one of the leading suppliers of these products in Europe. Thanks to a combination of expertise and experience, Dreumex has developed a total package of cutting-edge, high-quality products that protect, clean and care for hands. The extensive range of products provides a solution for every work situation, so that your hands are also clean and healthy after work.

From 1960 to now - for 57 years working hands have enjoyed center stage at Dreumex, and we offer practical solutions for clean and cared-for hands. In 1960 Dreumex was founded in Dreumel, the Netherlands. In 1963 expansion took place with sales office in Germany and in 1971 with sales office in Belgium.

Since 2006, Dreumex has had a new, ultramodern factory in Oss, the Netherlands, where all our products are developed and manufactured. This allows raw materials to be mixed and the product bottled under ideal conditions, leading to high-quality end products.

The One2clean is a unique concept that was first introduced into areas with the heaviest hand soiling. The fully automatic operation is activated by an infrared sensor, which makes the One2clean the first touch-free, heavy-duty hand cleanser dispensing system of its kind. The advantages: optimal hygiene and up to a 60% cost reduction due to reduced product usage.

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Dreumex Hand Care Plan

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The Netherlands

Dreumex B.V. (Head Office)
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5347 JK Oss
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