From 1960 to now - for 57 years working hands have enjoyed center stage at Dreumex, and we offer practical solutions for clean and cared-for hands.

Our history in a nutshell:

1960: Founding in Dreumel, the Netherlands

1963: Expansion with sales office in Germany

1971: Expansion with sales office in Belgium

1984: Launching of hand cleanser Dreumex Special

1991: Opening of new factory in Oss, the Netherlands

1993: Introduction of new hand cleanser Dreumex Plus

1995: Awarding of ISO-9001 certificate

2000: European expansion with sales office in France

2004: New management and new strategy

2005: Fire destroys factory in Oss, the Netherlands

2006: Expansion with sales office in the Czech Republic, for coverage in Central and Eastern Europe

2006: Opening of new ultramodern factory, including warehouse and offices

2008: Launching of unique Dreumex One2clean dispenser system. First touch-free dispenser for heavy-duty on the market. No dirty hands touching the dispenser which results in optimal hygiene. Because of the portion control it provides savings up to 60%. Convenient and environmentally-friendly

2009: New innovation: Dreumex Wash & Care – the first hand cleanser and cream in one

2010: Acquisition of Gent-L-Kleen Products, Inc. in York, Pennsylvania (USA)

2012: Introduction of new dispenser system Dreumex Omnicare, a revolutionary new system for hand hygiene in restrooms, offices, industrial kitchens, food production, the catering industry and healthcare. Thanks to the combination of a touch-free dispenser and unique cartridges, Dreumex Omnicare™ offers ultimate efficiency. This is expressed in the lowest costs per hand wash, easy snap-in cartridges and the sustainability of the whole system.

2019: Dreumex launches an enhanced One2clean dispenser

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Dreumex Hand Care Plan

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