Dreumex and innovation belong together. Innovation is therefore the most important point on which we distinguish ourselves – not only to offer our clients the most useful and reliable products now, but also to be able to continue providing them with products with a clear, added value in future. We continue, therefore, to look at how we can expand and improve our product range. For every kind of soiling, Dreumex has the solution – and that will always be the case. A few examples


Dreumex One2clean, Unique dispenser concept

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The One2clean is a unique concept that was first introduced into areas with the heaviest hand soiling. The fully automatic operation is activated by an infrared sensor, which makes the One2clean the first touch-free, heavy-duty hand cleanser dispensing system of its kind. The advantages: optimal hygiene and up to a 85% cost reduction due to reduced product usage.


It’s not surprising that this product won two important international prizes for innovation!


Innovation 2


Dreumex Wash & Care, professional hand cleansing and hand care in one

Dreumex Wash & Care is a 2-in-1 solution for cleaning the dirtiest hands. This 100% biodegradable product combines a powerful hand cleanser with a moisturizing cream. It easily removes heavy industrial soilings while at the same time reconditioning the skin, leaving the hands smooth and supple. The use of a separate cream is no longer necessary. A unique achievement in environments with heavy soiling!

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