londen underground2With more than 1 billion passengers each year, the London Underground is a dynamic world with almost 300 stations and 408 kilometres of metro lines. A world in which speed and efficiency are important factors.

One2clean dispenser systemDreumex launches a new and improved One2clean automatic dispenser on the 1st of February. The enhanced dispenser responds to the demand from the market for a way to provide small and large dosages of hand cleaner. This is an improvement with which the total concept ensures clean and healthy hands in an even more efficient way. The One2clean total concept ensures clean and healthy hands in an even more efficient way with this improvement.

100 pct naturalscrubber microbead Dreumex thumbAs a hygiene specialist, Dreumex continuously innovates and improves the range with products that are reliable, sustainable and future-proof. From January 2018 onwards, plastic microbeads have been replaced by the natural scrubber silica in all Dreumex products. In extensive research and clinical trials with end users. In extensive research and clinical trials with end users, we have experienced that silica... 

sgs logo greyDreumex is proud to announce that the company has obtained the Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) certificate. This certification, also known as ISO22716:2007, is a renowned international standard that demonstrates that strict guidelines for the production, control and storage of cosmetic products are being used. The certification enables Dreumex to ensure product quality...


ISSA Interclean Amsterdam dreumex handcare 1Our participation on the 26th edition of ISSA Interclean which was held May 10-13 in Amsterdam RAI was very successful. ISSA Interclean is considered worldwide as the heart of the professional cleaning industry. Over 28,000 cleaning professionals from 130 countries have visited this event!


Nieuw Product ENDreumex present two new product innovations to the general public: an industrial hand cleanser for sensitive skin and a sunscreen foam. DIt is no coincidence that Dreumex has added a sunscreen foam and hand cleanser for sensitive skin to its product range. Dreumex boasts several...

UEFA EURO PromotieThe final tournament of the UEFA European Football Championship will take place in France between 10 June and 10 July 2016. For the first time, 24 teams will participate at a EURO final tournament following a qualifying campaign played under the new 'Week of Football' concept. How exciting! To celebrate the tournament, Dreumex will be launching the UEFA EURO... 

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