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Dreumex was present at the Interclean Amsterdam trade fair with a brand new booth. Held from the 12th trough to the 15th of May, Interclean Amsterdam is the largest and most international professional cleaning trade show in the world.

On this page you are able to find extended and directly accessible information regarding the different areas on our booth.


The most cost-effective washroom solution available today.

Offering the lowest possible cost per hand wash, the ability to save on paper, maintenance and environment combined with the most economic air freshener. A hygiene solution that can be applied to any restroom area, new or existing.

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Dreumex One2Clean offers a unique single solution for heavy soiling

Being economic, sustainable and innovative, it is a one of a kind solution for removing tough soiling in medium to heavy duty industries. It is complemented by the Dreumex Hand Care Plan that protects hands before work and cares for them after the job is done. Caring for hands has never been so easy.

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Specially developed for continuous use on sensitive skin

More than 75 million people in Europe suffer from sensitive skin and are thus likely to develop a skin infection such as hand eczema. Allergic eczema accounts for 85% of all occupational skin complaints. In the automotive, agricultural, metal and construction industries, employees run a far higher risk of developing hand eczema.

Dreumex Sensitive is free from fragrant, pigments, solvents and preservatives. Its allergen-free properties have earned Dreumex Sensitive the ECARF Seal of Quality label.

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Professional protection against UV radiation from the sun

Demonstrated by an advanced UV camera, visitors of Interclean Amsterdam were able to observe the superior protection Dreumex Sun Protection Foam SPF50+ has to offer against harmful UV radiation in sunlight. 

Due to excessive exposure to the sun, outdoor workers like farmers, construction workers and painters are at a four to five times higher risk of contracting skin cancer than those who work inside. Dreumex Foam Sun Protection SPF50+ not only offers superior protection but is also easy to apply, provides excellent coverage and is rapidly absorbed into the skin. 

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