Win a Playstation 4 + Need for Speed!

When buying a promotional article the end user can join the competition to have a chance at winning a Playstation 4 + Need for Speed.

There are two easy and fun options to join. Each promotional article hides an unique scratch code that will tell if the participant is selected for the winning group. From this winning group every month a winner will win the big prize. In addition, a Facebook promotion with a “Like” for the Dreumex Facebook page and post with your ‘top car’ selfie will also help the participant be a part of the competition.


DRE Playstation Banner Site UK 2016 06 16 V1 Web

Entry to win ends February 28, 2017.


Collect them all

When buying a combo pack with 2 tins Dreumex Classic, Plus or Special hand cleaner a Free miniature car is added*. To complete the collection, the customer can collect five legendary sports cars.


DRE Mini Cars Banner Site UK 2016 06 10 V3 Web

* While supplies last.

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