With more than 1 billion passengers each year, the London Underground is a dynamic world with almost 300 stations and 408 kilometres of metro lines. A world in which speed and efficiency are important factors.


These important factors are also felt present for maintenance crews where hundreds of employees clean and maintain the trains daily.chela one2clean The efficiency at London Underground began to suffer due to poor hand hygiene. This has resulted in various physical complaints, reduced productivity and absences due to sickness. At Dreumex, we educate our clients on the necessity to protect, clean and care for your hands. Our partner, Chela, is responding to the needs of working employees with the One2clean dispensing system. The Dreumex One2Clean system provides a full range of products to provide protection before working, cleaning while working and nurturing care for after work, making it easy to take good care of your hands.


“The true strength of the Dreumex One2clean dispensing system is that it is a total concept. Each product is great value for the cost due to the combination of extreme, high quality products and good, economical use. Additionally, all products have a high quality certification to back them up in our assortment,” says Tony Philippou, Sales and Marketing Director of Chela UK.


Sickness absence

Reduced productivity


Dreumex One2clean dispensing system

Dreumex Universal Protect

Dreumex Plus

Dreumex Sensitive

Dreumex Natural Care

Quick and efficient total concept for protect, clean and care of your hands

Certificates (Dermatest)

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