Dreumex introduces Dreumex Expert Wipes; a strong cleaning wipe with a highly effective liquid that removes even the most specialised dirt such as paint, glue, ink and sealant from hands, tools and hard surfaces. In addition, Dreumex Expert Wipes also removes contaminants such as lubricants, oil and grease. An all-rounder that completes the Dreumex Power Wipes family.

Dreumex Expert Wipes contain a very effective liquid which ensures maximum cleaning power. Because the wipes have good absorption, the dirt dissolves immediately and they effortlessly remove stubborn specialist and industrial dirt. It only takes a few seconds before the hands, tools or hard surfaces are clean again. In addition, the very strong cleaning wipes save a lot of time by eliminating the need to look for a sink, between jobs or after jobs.

Cleaning without water
The Dreumex Expert Wipes are very suitable for workplaces where there is no water nearby. The compact packaging is easy to carry and can be easily opened and closed. "The demand for the Dreumex Power Wipes has risen sharply in recent months, particularly from installation and painting companies. Employees at these companies often do not have any water available, which means that a lot of working time is lost. Dreumex Expert Wipes with a fresh lavender scent are easy to carry and easy to tear off, ideal for travelling, says Fannie Litjens, Product Manager at Dreumex.

Dreumex Expert Wipes are available in all European countries.

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