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Product quality

Since 2006, Dreumex has had a new, ultramodern factory in Oss, the Netherlands, where all our products are developed and manufactured. This allows raw materials to be mixed and the product bottled under ideal conditions, leading to high-quality end products.


Mixing: fully automatized, guaranteeing consistent product quality and performance.

Filling: Modern, flexible filling lines for various packaging formats, so that we can accommodate the demands of the market.


Quality is of key importance to Dreumex. We will not compromise on this, allowing you to rely on products of the highest possible quality.


Quality 2


Product development

Dreumex has its own research and development department, which is specifically tasked with development and improvement of our products. A steady stream of new products is therefore launched in order to always meet the changing needs of our clients. Over the past 50 years, Dreumex has accumulated enough expertise and experience to meet these needs and to stay ahead of the pack.


Regulation and certification

In order to guarantee our high quality products, Dreumex produces and markets these products in compliance with many international authorities and regulations. A short summary of these:

  • ISO-9001 certified
  • In compliance with European Cosmetics regulations
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP): in compliance with GMP regulations for manufacturing, inspection, storage and transportation of cosmetic products
  • REACH regulations


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