Dreumex Sensitive

Particularly suitable for sensitive skin

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  • Contains allergen-free ingredients
  • For medium to heavy industrial soiling
  • Free from perfume, colourants, solvents and preservatives
  • Contains potassium lactate that helps to maintain supple skin
  • Contains microbeads for thorough cleansing
  • An ECARF certified product
  • Dermatologically tested and approved


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Cleaning power

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The hand cleanser is free from perfume, colourants, solvents and preservatives. The inclusion of the naturally occurring substance, potassium lactate, leaves skin feeling supple and gently conditioned.

More than 75 million people in Europe suffer from sensitive skin and are thus likely to develop a skin infection such as (hand) eczema. Allergic eczema accounts for 85% of all occupational skin complaints. And 30% of workers within automotive industry suffer from hand eczema. Dreumex Sensitive therefore contains exclusively allergen-free in ingredients and is free from precipitating factors, such as preservatives, solvents, colourants and perfume.*

*Source: Directive contact dermatitis, 2013, Dutch Society of Dermatology and Venereology (an aside), version September 25, 2012. Key figures Occupational 2015 Dutch Centre for Occupational Diseases (Coronel Institute of Occupational Health, Amsterdam Medical Centre, University of Amsterdam), September 2015. Apfelbacher, J, The incidence and prognosis of hand eczema in the car industry: results of the PACO follow-up study (PACO II). Contact Dermatitis, Vol 58, Issue 6, Pages 322-329, June 2008. 


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