EX4000 dispenser

Serving general and heavy industry

The EX4000 dispenser has been designed to serve the needs of general and heavy industry. This dispenser is suitable for hand cleansers Dreumex Special EX and EX Plus. The EX4000 and hand cleaners are especially designed for each other.

It is a very robust dispenser that offers a long service life. The unique feature of this system is that the strong pump is not fixed in the dispenser, but in the cartridge. This means that a new pump is used with every new cartridge, ensuring not only perfect operation, but also optimal hygiene. The powerful anti-leak pump ensures that the cartridge empties completely and there is no residue left.

The dispenser is economically in use by the perfectly matched amount of 5 grams for effective hand washing. The cartridges for the EX4000 dispenser contains 4 liters, which will give approximately 800 hand washes per cartridge.

Dreumex Hand Care Plan

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