One2clean Dispenser System

Your hands repair, assemble and create. They have to deal with mechanical damage and are exposed daily to harsh chemicals. This can lead to dry skin, damage, pain and eventually skin diseases. It is necessary to protect, clean and care for your hands. The One2clean dispensing system makes this easy.


  • Total concept for protect, clean and care
  • Unique touch-free dispenser for optimum hygiene
  • Automatic dosing guarantees efficient use: 85% cost savings
  • Small and large dosage for light and heavy duty soilings
  • Easy to install and maintain

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one2clean automatic dispenser

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automatic dispenser 3- 5 ml

One2clean automatic
dispenser 0,75 - 1,5 ml

manual dispenser 5 ml

manual dispenser 1,5 ml


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Dreumex Universal Protect Dreumex Natural Care


Clean and healthy hands in three simple steps

Step 1: Protect

Protect your hands against the damaging effects caused by daily work conditions. Use Dreumex Universal Protect before going to work and after every hand cleansing.

  • Forms a barrier
  • Prevents harmful substances from penetrating into the skin
  • Makes it easier to clean the hands
  • Prevents cracks in the skin
  • Also suitable for facial use

Step 2: Cleansing

A good hand cleanser is indispensable in the world of heavy duty soilings and is internationally regarded as the most important factor for preventing infections. Dreumex offers a complete assortment quality hand cleansers for every need.

Step 3: Care

Use Dreumex Natural Care to keep your hands in excellent condition after work.

  • Stimulates the natural recovery of the skin
  • Guarantees optimal skin condition
  • Protects against the damaging effects caused by work and weather conditions
  • Prevents the skin from drying out
  • Leaves the skin smooth and supple


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Question & answer

How do I install the dispenser on to the wall?
Open the battery pack. You’ll see four mounting holes (left and right, top and bottom). Temporarily hold your dispenser at the desired location. Make sure the dispenser is positioned straight vertically and at least 25cm above the surface horizontally. Mark the mounting holes with a pencil. Remove dispenser from the wall and drill holes at pencil marks. Insert anchors, position the dispenser on the wall and hand tighten the screws until secure.
How do I (re)place the batteries?
First, turn off the dispenser. You can do this by putting the switch on the side of the dispenser to ‘Off’. Open the battery pack, (re)place the batteries and close the battery pack. You can now turn on the dispenser to the desired dose.
What batteries should I use?
We recommend using GP15A Alkaline AA +/- 2600 mAh. These will last up to 6000 – 10000 dispenses. You can use 8 other AA batteries if desired.
What’s the durability of the batteries?
The recommended and included batteries will last up to 6000 – 10000 dosages.
How do I turn the dispenser on and off?
On the right side of the dispenser, you’ll find a black switch. When you receive the dispenser, it will be in the middle on ‘Off’. You activate the dispenser by sliding it up for the large dose setting or down for the small dose setting.
How do I install a cartridge on the dispenser?
Turn off the dispenser. Hold the cartridge with the front view in front of the dispenser and turn the cartridge 90 degrees to the right. Place the cartridge on the dispenser; you’ll hear a ‘click’. Now turn the cartridge 90 degrees to the left. You’ll hear another ‘click’. The cartridge is now installed on the dispenser and ready to use.
How do I replace a cartridge?
Turn off the dispenser. First, you need to remove the old cartridge. Turn the cartridge 90 degrees to the right until you hear a ‘click’. The cartridge will come loose and you can take it off. Place the new cartridge on the dispenser as described above..
How do I install the dispensers pump?
Turn the dispenser off and remove the cartridge. Take the pump with the long handle on the left, place it in the middle of the dispenser and make a quarter turn to the right. The long handle on the pump will point to the wall. The pump is now installed.
How do I remove the pump from the dispenser?
Turn off the dispenser and remove the cartridge. Take the long handle of the pump and lift it a little bit. Make a quarter turn to the left to loosen the pump. You can now take it out of the dispenser.
What’s the best way to clean the pump?
To make sure the dispenser works correctly, it’s important to keep it clean. Remove the pump and rinse it off with water. Make sure the water is less than 40 degrees Celsius and do not use any reining products. When the pump is clean and dry, place it back into the dispenser. Make sure the rubber ring is still on the inside of the pump.
Can I use the dispenser in washing areas?
Yes, you can. Important: the dispenser is tight and resistant to splashing but cannot be submerged or overly saturated with water.
De LED-light on the front is constantly blinking slowly. What does this mean?
The batteries are almost empty. The dispenser will continue working but you’ll have to replace the batteries soon.
The LED-light on the front is constantly blinking fast. What does this mean?
The batteries are empty and the dispenser won’t work anymore. Open the battery pack, replace all batteries and close it .
How do I adjust the dosage?
On the right side of the dispenser, you’ll find a black switch. This holds three options: Large dose (big drip above) – Off – small dose (small drip below). By moving the switch up or down, you can adjust the dosage. Important: By switching the dosage half way through the cartridge, you’ll have to activate the pump a couple of times for the new dosage to take affect.
What’s the difference between the large and small dosage?
In a large dose, you use +/- 5 ml of soap and with the small dose, this is +/-3ml.
When do I use which dose?
The large dosage can be used for heavy soilings in, for example, automotive or heavy industries. The small dosage is ideal for light to medium soilings in, for example, construction, agriculture, warehouses of factories. The user is the best person to estimate how heavy the soilings is and determine what dosage to use.
How many dosages do I get from one cartridge?
This depends on the use of the dispenser and the dosage (small or large). When using the large dose, you’ll get +/- 5ml per dosage. A cartridge contains 3liters. When you only use the large dose, you’ll get 600 dosages of the cartridge. With the small dose, you’ll get +/- 3ml per dosage. When you only use the small dose on the 3liter cartridge, you’ll get 1000 dosages.
What to do when the dispenser doesn’t dispense soap anymore?
Check to see if the cartridge is empty or if the batteries are empty. If the cartridge hasn’t been used for a while, the soap can dry in it. The dispenser will break off the dried soap to protect the dispenser. If this is the case, take off the cartridge and clean the pump.
What if my dispenser doesn’t give the right amount of soap?
By placing a new cartridge on the dispenser or switching the dosage from large to small (or vice versa), the pump always needs a couple of dispenses to produce the right amount of soap. When this happens with a cartridge you already use, it is possible that the soap dried in the pump. In that case, please clean the pump.



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Go for clean and healthy hands!

The One2clean automatic dispenser is the perfect solution for clean and healthy hands. You can save up to 85% on your operating costs and you will receive a hygienic and user-friendly concept. Do you want to know how big the advantage is in your situation? Feel free to contact us.

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