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Dreumex Sun Protection Foam SPF50+

Clinically proven protection against the harmful effects of the sun. Its 5-star UVA filters and vitamin E offer the highest possible protection and help to prevent premature skin aging. Dreumex Foam Sun Protection SPF50+ is easy to apply, provides excellent coverage and is absorbed rapidly into the skin. UVB filters additionally protect the skin from sunburn. Too much exposure to UV radiation without adequate protection can lead to skin cancer.

Due to overexposure to UV radiation from sunlight, outdoor workers such as farmers, construction workers and painters run a four to five times higher risk of skin cancer than those who work inside. The prevailing belief among dermatologists is that the number of skin cancer cases is only rising. No single form of cancer has increased as rapidly as skin cancer in the last decade.*


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Trends in cancer (2015): IKNL Consulted on April 5, 2016.



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