Together with air freshener GoldFresh, XLERATOR® and Omnicare form the winning team for your washroom. Just think about it: America’s favourite hand dryer hanging alongside the world’s most innovative soap dispensing system. This means you have a total concept that guarantees top performance: lower costs, maximum efficiency and minimum impact on the environment..


Lower costs

With XLERATOR®, you can make massive savings on paper towels. Furthermore, Omnicare has the lowest costs per hand wash. After all, the touch-free dosing system and the innovative instant-foam technology ensure minimum waste and maximum results.


Maximum efficiency

XLERATOR® and Omnicare are both very simple to use: a question of ‘plug and play’. That also applies to the soap cartridges, which can be replaced with one easy movement. You also save a lot of time because there is no more messing around with paper.


Minimum environmental impact

XLERATOR® uses 80% less energy than conventional hand dryers. And Xlerator is also the most sustainable choice compared to paper towels. That applies equally to Omnicare. The cartridges do not use any propellants and are fully recyclable. Furthermore, the products contain hardly any preservatives


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