Dreumex Omnicare

Versatile automatic touch-free dispensing system 

 mg 1229


  • Low costs

  • Efficient

  • Convenient

  • Sustainable







The versatile Dreumex Omnicare dispenser comes standard in an off-white colour. On request a wide variety (minimum quantities apply) of colours can be supplied to make this dispenser fit perfectly in any restroom design. It is also possible to place your own brand or message on the dispenser (minimum quantities apply. All this makes the Dreumex Omnicare dispenser even more versatile.


Lowest costs

  • Lowest costs per hand wash
  • Up to 2,000 hand washes per cartridge
  • Each product has its own volume setting from 0.2 ml to 1.5 ml
  • Minimal packaging reduces storage space and transport costs


  • Touch-free sensor always administers the right product dosage
  • Up to 6 times more concentrated foam
  • One dispenser for all products
  • New nozzle and valve with every cartridge


  • Easy Snap-in cartridges – ready to use
  • Long shelf life of cartridges
  • First set of batteries, tape and screws included
  • On/off, low battery and low soap indicator


  • No waste - Cartridge empties 100%
  • Minimal preservatives required
  • Cartridge is fully recyclable
  • Light sensor minimizes energy consumption



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