Dreumex USA Inc. is a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty and out-of-home hand cleaners, hand care products and disinfecting wipes. Gent-l-kleen Products was formed in 1949 and has been manufacturing professional-quality gel and lotion hand cleaners, multipurpose hand wipes, and hand cleaner dispensers for home, shop, and industrial use. In 2010, Gent-l-kleen products merged with Dreumex The Netherlands. In 2014, Gent-l-kleen officially changed its name to Dreumex USA, Inc., but continues to manufacture the Gent-l-kleen brand of hand cleaning products.

Dreumex USA has developed a total package of cutting-edge, high-quality products that help protect, thoroughly clean and care for hands. The extensive range of products provides a solution for every situation so that your hands are also clean and healthy.

Our product line consists of several types of gel and lotion hand cleaners, hand soaps, hand cleaning towels, foam soaps and innovative dispensing concepts. Dreumex USA also manufactures Monk Disinfecting Wipes, a line of disinfecting wipes that are formulated to stop the spread of disease, virus and bacteria.

With branches in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and North America, Dreumex supplies products worldwide to a growing number of distributions.

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Dreumex Hand Care Plan

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United States

Dreumex USA Inc.
3445 Board Road
York, PA 17406-8409
icon phone telefoon  800-233-9382  (USA & Canada)
             717-767-6881  (other)
icon email   dreumex@dreumex.com

The Netherlands

Dreumex B.V. (Head Office)
Dommelstraat 1
5347 JK Oss
icon phone telefoon +31 412 - 406 506
icon email   mail@dreumex.com

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