For over 67 years, working hands have enjoyed center stage at Dreumex USA. We offer practical solutions for clean and cared-for hands.

Our history in a nutshell:

1949: Claude E. "Bud" Strickler saw the need for a better hand cleaner and created "Strick," in the basement of the family home. This hand cleaner was sold to local garages and businesses in the York, Pennsylvania area

1953: "Strick" is renamed "Original Gent-l-kleen®" and a full-time hand cleaner manufacturing company is born!

1958: Gent-l-kleen hires its first outside employee

During the next 2 decades, the business becomes an internationally-known company with over 30 Manufacturers' agencies representing Gent-l-kleen world wide

1977: Gent-l-kleen Products moves to its current, 40,000-sq. ft., State-of-the Art manufacturing facility

1994: Bud Strickler retires and his son, Jim takes the reigns as the President and CEO

2010: Gent-l-kleen merges with Dreumex B.V., a leading supplier of hand care products located in the Netherlands.
Introduction of unique Dreumex One2clean dispenser system on the U.S. market. First touch-free dispenser for heavy-duty on the market. No dirty hands touching the dispenser which results in optimal hygiene. Because of the portion control it provides savings up to 60%. Convenient and environmentally-friendly

2012:I ntroduction of new dispenser system Dreumex Omnicare a revolutionary new system for hand hygiene in restrooms, offices, industrial kitchens, food production, the catering industry and healthcare. Thanks to the combination of a touch-free dispenser and unique cartridges, Dreumex Omnicare™ offers ultimate efficiency. This is expressed in the lowest costs per hand wash, easy snap-in cartridges and the sustainability of the whole system

2014: Gent-l-kleen officially announces its name change to Dreumex USA Inc. This would be the final step in the merging of two landmark hand care manufacturers which will ensure that hands are clean and cared for worldwide

2016: Dreumex acquires the Monk branded wipes from the National Towelette Company.  By acquiring the Monk brand Dreumex became the sole manufacturer of the Monk Disinfectant Wipes and Monk Mechanics Hand Cleaner Towels.  The acquisition moves Dreumex one step closer to reaching our goal to become the undisputed leader in the away from home hand care market by offering innovative systems and solutions to the Jan/San and industrial segments.

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United States

Dreumex USA Inc.
3445 Board Road
York, PA 17406-8409
icon phone telefoon  800-233-9382  (USA & Canada)
             717-767-6881  (other)
icon email   dreumex@dreumex.com

The Netherlands

Dreumex B.V. (Head Office)
Dommelstraat 1
5347 JK Oss
icon phone telefoon +31 412 - 406 506
icon email   mail@dreumex.com

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