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Think about any garage or industrial shop you’ve been to -there are probably a few varieties of shop towels and hand towels scattered around. Using a different product for each cleaning job wastes time and money- and no one likes that!

Dreumex Power Wipes® Hand & Tool Wipes and Dreumex Power Wipes® Ultra Hand & Tool Scrubber Wipes can be used as shop towels and hand wipes. And with Dreumex Power Wipes® Ultra Hand & Tool Scrubber Wipes, your clients get a unique dual-sided towel that will scrub tough grease off tools or grime on the skin.

That might sound too good to be true, but we promise it’s not. Here’s what you need to know about these versatile products:

Tough on Grease, Gentle on Skin, Easy to Dispense

Both industrial wipes can be used in place of industrial cleaning rags and spray bottles. These no-rinse hand wipes are often used to remove grease, tar, ink, paint, and more from skin or other surfaces in a facility.

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They are solvent and VOC-free and fortified with skin care conditioners that will not irritate cuts or leave hands feeling dry. Those conditioners won’t leave hands feeling greasy, either, and no rinsing is needed after using the pre-moistened wipes.

This versatility makes the wipes a favorite among businesses ranging from garages to print shops. Large towels allow you to use one wipe to clean multiple surfaces which reduces waste and increases efficiency. Your clients’ employees will be making the most of their time without several breaks to the washroom for clean up!

Dreumex Power Wipes® Ultra Hand & Tool Scrubber Wipe take these benefits one step further. One side of the purple, scrubbing towel is textured, which gives it even more power to cut through grease and grime. The other side is smooth to be used on even the roughest hands.

Dreumex Power Wipes® Hand & Tool Wipes and Dreumex Power Wipes® Ultra Hand & Tool Scrubber Wipes come in easy-to-use dispensing canisters that can stand on their own or be easily mounted to a wall with a bracket and a few screws. Each canister has 90 wipes, saturated with the right amount of solution to get the job done. Either way, with our improved lid, the roll threading system allows for only one towel to be dispensed at a time–no wasted product!

Take the Next Step

The best way to find out if Dreumex Power Wipes® Hand & Tool Wipes and Dreumex Power Wipes® Ultra Hand & Tool Scrubber Wipes will work for your clients is to request some samples for your sales team. Contact us at 800-233-9382 or submit a request to learn more about these products.



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